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What sets us apart is that we are not an investment fund or crowdfunding. Instead, we create your personalized portfolio and manage your properties, generating constant and safe income, while increasing your assets.

By creating a custom portfolio, we provide you with 100% secure ROI. Whereas, other companies may give you a projected or estimated amount. When investing in commercial real estate, when closing, you are immediately the owner of said property and therefore receive the rent immediately.


Together with his team at Miami Realty Network, they carefully analyze all the variables when planning and structuring real estate investments.


Their expertise, knowledge, and experience guides clients to invest in the United States the right way. His vision and integrity makes him one of the most prominent real estate consultants in South Florida.


Felipe designed and built multiple projects with Colombia and Venezuela that eventually led him to be the advisor and interventor of the projects of the Presidency of Colombia between 1994 and 1998. His visionary thinking led him to look at South Florida and in 1996 he opened the Miami real estate market to Colombian investors.


He specifically worked on the master planning of the city of Weston, Florida, a city developed by the Arvida / Disney corporation. Felipe was responsible of bringing the notoriety of this project to Colombia and other countries, helping to make the city a global urban model and the number one sales community in the United States. This city of 30,000 homes and more than 50,000 citizens, granted him with the best seller award between 1999-2000.

Felipe Perez is an architect of classical training with more than 25 years of experience in the design, construction and real estate industries.

The combination of architecture and real estate gives you a holistic view by advising your clients from multiple countries on their real estate investment opportunities.


In 1997, Felipe founded Miami Realty Network representing buyers, sellers and developers from Spain, Brazil, Colombia, New York, and Miami. The company has expanded and now serves clients throughout Latin America, offering comprehensive real estate commercial sales services, residential, rentals, property management and investment consulting. The growth of the organization is focused on Felipe’s personal philosophy of serving and ensuring the welfare of their customers in business and personal relationships.


This philosophy is shared by all business partners and exemplified by its excellence and commitment to service in all its transactions. At present, Felipe’s main activity is to give direct access to individual investors to the best corporate commercial properties in the United States.


Business Administrator, Specialist in Marketing Management and winner of the recognition of Best Student in his promotion of the Master of Real Estate (MSIRE) from Florida International University, Daniel has been linked to the real estate industry since his arrival in Miami in 2005. Since his inception, Daniel has closed more than 150 residential transactions and assisted in the investment of more than $60 million toward commercial real estate. 

Daniel has a wide portfolio of clients and thanks to its commercial work, he has developed close relationships with many of the most important international real estate agents, mainly in South America and Spain.


He was a key player in the formulation of marketing and commercialization strategies for several successful pre-construction condominium projects in Florida, New York, Mexico, Panama and the Dominican Republic. As a result of his work, more than a dozen towers valued at several hundred million dollars were developed in recent decades and today house hundreds of buyers from around the world.

Although he does not neglect residential advice, today he focuses a large part of his effort on structuring businesses with commercial real estate. Daniel's approach is based on properly quantifying and understanding those factors that affect the financial performance of each property, such as population, income level, employment base and accessibility, among others. In his analysis, Daniel combines classical methods with cutting-edge technology. Daniel is a Registered Agent in the state of Florida in the process of obtaining his designation as a Real Estate Broker, as well as other accreditations related to the commercial property market. Daniel has lived in Miami with his family for more than 15 years.





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